Neutering Facts

Between 3 and 4 million adoptable animals are euthanized in animal shelters each year simply because they do not have homes. These high numbers are the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering.

Spaying and neutering dramatically reduces the number of stray animals on the streets. Spaying and neutering can help reduce the incidence of some of the most common types
of cancers so your animal is likely to live a longer and healthier life.

The cost of spaying and neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising puppies or kittens
for one year. Spaying or neutering will NOT make your pet fat. Lack of exercise and overfeeding will cause your pet to pack on the extra pounds—not neutering.

Many un-neutered pets have aggression problems and often mark their territory with strong-scented urine, which can make the household unbearable. Early neutering can stop aggression